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Villa Romy

Jávea, Costa Blanca North Ref: 3614

In a spectacular coastal location - nestled on an impressive southeast-facing hillside surrounded by lush pine trees and surrounded by an upscale neighborhood - lies this traditional gem in the old Valencian style. Beautiful sun terraces surround the simple pool, which competes in radiance with the...

  • 4
  • 3
  • 245m²
  • 1480m²

Villa Ares

Jávea, Costa Blanca North Ref: 3623

Located in one of the most privileged areas of Javea for its wonderful sea views, tranquility and sunny orientation, is this beautiful luxury villa of minimalist design where the elegant simplicity combines perfectly with functionality, good taste and maximum attention to every detail forming a...

  • 4
  • 4
  • 275m²
  • 1073m²

Villa Azalea

Jávea, Costa Blanca North Ref: 3615

Charming traditional rustic style villa located in a quiet residential area just minutes from the Arenal beach of Javea. With a warm orientation to make the most of sunlight and sun all year round, an almost flat plot and a beautiful covered terrace in front of the pool at the same level to enjoy...

  • 3
  • 2
  • 280m²
  • 1031m²

Villa Odon

Jávea, Costa Blanca North Ref: 3619

Located in one of the best developments on the Costa Blanca, surrounded by nature and luxury villas, with beautiful panoramic sea and mountain views and with a sober and modern style, is this cozy villa with practical distribution and modern finishes that make it ideal to enjoy the day to day...

  • 4
  • 3
  • 185m²
  • 1000m²

The Verve

Moraira, Costa Blanca North Ref: 3617

Shining with its own light as a unique diamond, in an idyllic place for its tranquility, its beautiful sea views and its perfect south orientation to enjoy the maximum of sunlight throughout the year; with sinuous and elegant forms harmoniously combined with natural materials that give it a scent...

  • 5
  • 5
  • 482m²
  • 2915m²

La Sirena

Dénia, Costa Blanca North Ref: 3572

Villa La Sirena is one of those jewels impossible to duplicate due to its aesthetics, its exceptional location and its great elegance. A true oasis of peace, tranquility and harmony with a feel of home and good taste in each of its corners, designed like in a magazine. This large-scale...

  • 7
  • 5
  • 670m²
  • 1908m²

HG Hamburg

Your Real Estate Agent on the Northern Costa Blanca, Spain

Welcome to Hanseatische Gesellschaft Hamburg, who have been active in the Spanish property market for over 50 years. HG Hamburg is one of the longest established companies on the northern Costa Blanca. The immense experience in selling properties, together with the network generated over decades, creates a company with expertise.

Why Hanseatische Gesellschaft Hamburg?

When you come across HG Hamburg, perhaps just by chance, or a recommendation, you are encountering a family business where the word still counts and reliability is a virtue. So you can relax and, if you wish, have a word with us. We are happy to listen to you. And of course discretion is our highest law. If you are in a hurry and just drop by to have a quick look around, that's no problem either. Then perhaps we will get to know each other better another time. Basically, you are always the centre of our attention. We serve you just as you like, politely and courteously anyway. Since we like people and see our job as a vocation, you can be sure that things will always be considerate, fair and sometimes even loving.

Whether it's a finca, villa or luxury new build - you'll be well advised with us.

We pride ourselves on spending time researching and refining your specific needs and desires. We are always enthusiastic, professional and dedicated to understanding exactly what you are looking for and ensuring that we find your dream home, whether it is a front line with stunning sea views, a finca in a secluded location or another luxury villa. If you are looking for an exclusive property and can't find it on our website, don't hesitate to let us know your search criteria. For example, are you looking for privacy, tranquillity, a south-facing location, mountain or sea views, high-quality furnishings... In addition to the properties in our database, we have a wide, international network to provide you with the best possible service, because only when you are satisfied are we happy.

We tell you quite openly that your concern to find an ideal property is as close to our hearts as it is to yours. Why? Because we don't want any success where this criterion is not the highest priority. Because we are only happy when you are satisfied. We know how difficult it often is for the buyer to find a compromise. It is at this point that we see our task to help. In other words: We do not leave you alone with your decision, but accompany and support you in your purchase beyond the notary appointment.

Do you have a property to sell?

Hanseatische Gesellschaft Hamburg is known for always listing the best properties in their portfolio and presenting them excellently. If you are thinking of selling your property, please contact us without obligation. We will be happy to clarify the details with you in person, by telephone or by e-mail.

Why the northern Costa Blanca - the white coast of Spain?

The town of Jávea on the Costa Blanca and its surroundings have been described as "near perfect" by the World Health Organisation, making the Costa Blanca one of the healthiest areas in the world. The relatively low humidity and more than 300 days a year of sunshine on the Costa Blanca are ideal for those suffering from climatically affected diseases. If you stay true to the traditional Mediterranean diet, the health benefits of living can be enhanced even further. But the most important thing is the positive attitude to life, which is simply a given here.

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    Smart Homes and home automation

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    The most exclusive villa on the Costa Blanca - HG Hamburg
    The most exclusive villa on the Costa Blanca

    With the majesty, elegance and solidity of a castle, located in an exceptional and private corner of the Mediterranean coast and with the tranquility and freedom that only a seafront in front of a cliff can give - the feeling that all the sea is actually the infinity pool - this unique luxury villa...

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    Advantages of buying a house with an agent instead of directly from an owner - HG Hamburg
    Advantages of buying a house with an agent instead of directly from an owner

    There are several advantages to buying a house with the assistance of a real estate agent rather than directly from an owner that are important to keep in mind to avoid complications and in some cases, losing money in the process. Here are some of them: Expertise and guidance: Real estate agents...

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