Quality description


The foundation is made using an insulated foundation plate according to the guidelines of EHE (Spanish guidelines for the use of structural concrete).


The structure consists of pillars and support beams made of reinforced concrete or iron. The ceiling beams are made of reinforced concrete according to EHE guidelines on site.


The sewage and rainwater disposal system is carried out using hanging or underground collectors made of PVC.


Outer walls made of double brick with thermal and noise insulation of the facade, depending on the design, with moisture-resistant cladding with tiles or natural stone.


Inclined roof made of bricks with a chamber for thermal insulation. Zones with flat roofs are made waterproof with EPDM sheets and flow-pressed polyestyrene.

Indoor flooring and cladding:

Tiles from the PORCELANOSA brand. Terraces and pergolas: non-slip tiles from the PORCELANOSA brand or made of natural stone. Bathrooms and kitchens: PORCELANOSA tiles. Gypsum plastering of all surfaces. Suspended ceilings made of plasterboard in areas where this is desirable for design reasons.


Two coats of smooth coats on all walls. Color freely selectable.

Water and sewer pipes

Made of gridded polyethylene with water stopcock and PVC waste water pipes.


Porcelain bathroom furnishings from the PORCELANOSA brand.


One-hand fittings from the brand NOKEN or similar

Air conditioning

Guided through canals with a zone-independent control system and a DAIKIN heat pump or similar.


Floor heating through a closed circuit made of multilayer polyethylene pipes, divided into zones, with a JUNKERS brand gas boiler or similar.


The scope of delivery includes a glass ceramic hob, oven, extractor hood, dishwasher and American fridge. Kitchen furniture from the brand PORCELANOSA. Stone worktops, type SILESTONE depending on the design.

Electrical installation

Kitchen electrical appliances of the brand BOSCH or similar. The electrical installation is carried out in accordance with the guidelines for the use of low voltage (B.T.) and additional regulations. The electrical devices are from NIESSEN or similar.


Installation of a video intercom.


Home automation system PLANNER NIESSEN for programming and control, the desired room temperature, etc., including remote control.

Outdoor areas

Terrace railings optionally made of stainless steel or glass. Property with landscaped garden, palm trees and cypress hedges. External wall made of natural stone. The property is bordered by a combination of fence and wall. The wall on the entrance side is made of natural stone.


Window frames with thermal insulation and profiles from TECHNAL or similar.


Double glazed with insulating chamber type CLIMALIT or similar.

Doors and built-in wardrobes

Doors and cupboards in smooth design and finish depending on the design. Built-in wardrobes inside made of wood. Covered frame with door gap and cover strips made of the same material. Decorative complements are not offered.


This quality description is subject to any changes that are absolutely necessary for technical or legal reasons or those that the commissioned construction management considers necessary, as long as the high quality standards remain unaffected.