Company History

Very few property companies on the Costa Blanca can reflect on such a long and successful period of continuous activity. The Hanseatische Gesellschaft was founded in Hamburg, in 1970, by Walter Arp and a group of ambitious business people, and it has, for decades, been the byword for luxury properties on the northern Costa Blanca. HG-Hamburg has been led by the charismatic owner Walter Arp until the present day, although the reputation achieved by the company would be unimaginable without the team of committed and capable colleagues. 

As an individual member of the prestigious Honourable Society of Hamburg Merchants, the correct conduct in business dealings, business trust and open-mindedness are, for Walter Arp, part of the ethical self-image. Membership requires that the member’s company belongs to the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce. The Honourable Society of Hamburg Merchants currently has approximately 1.050 members. In addition, the Hanseatische Gesellschaft has been a member of the German Chamber of Commerce for Spain for decades.

Further keys to our success were the innovative and exemplary marketing strategies utilized for properties, and frequently the company has demonstrated a true pioneering spirit, where marketing ideas are concerned.

The HG-Hamburg had already been accurately presenting the magnificent villas of the northern Costa Blanca for advertising purposes, by means of complex lighting arrangements and the best photographic technology, long before the era of digital photography. Professionally designed presentations characterize the Hanseatische Gesellschaft’s concept of marketing to the present day; our own specially produced in-house magazine, “el sueno” (The Dream), forms a part of that and is issued annually with a selection of current properties. This printed publication is, undoubtedly, something unusual on the coast, and supplements, in a special way, the company’s website.

The Hanseatische Gesellschaft offers clients and business partners not only the website with current properties for sale and projects, but also a15 year-long running Newsletter. This supplies objective and competent reports of latest events concerning the company and evaluates the state of the market from our own perspective.

An important building block in the Hanseatische Gesellschaft’s success has also been the network of international agents, architects, building contractors, lawyers, tax consultants and other specialists in the property field, which has evolved over 50 years, with whom the company collaborates on the basis of mutual trust.

The company also remains future-orientated with regard to project development. The Hanseatische Gesellschaft has had an interest in the construction of Monte Olimpo, a residential development in Javea, since 2011. Modern, designer villas, with innovative ideas, which stand out from the more traditional Costa Blanca architectural style, are on offer here from 630,000 Euro.