Buyer's guide

When buying a property in a foreign country, it is important to choose an agent who guides you smoothly through the process from beginning until end.

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Costs when buying a property in the Valencian community

You will have to factor into your budget between 12,5% and 15% on average into your budget above the agreed purchase price

  • 10% Purchase tax
  • 2,5% Costs for lawyer, notary, registration etc.
  • Registration fee and costs in case of a property finance
  • These amounts can vary - that´s why we recommend to appoint an independent lawyer to be your legal representative giving exact advice

What do you need?

  • An NIE number (número de identificación de extranjeros) – You or your lawyer should apply for a foreigner´s identification number
  • A Spanish bank account – open a Spanish bank account to proceed payments within the country

The process

  • The private purchase contract is drawn up and signed once all parties agree and a 10% down payment is required
  • The deeds are signed at the notary´s office on the in the contract agreed date
  • Once the purchase price is agreed, it can happen that a reservation contract is drawn up in combination with a reservation fee, which is deducted later from the total price – if a mortgage is necessary, it now is time for the bank valuation/surveys

At the notary

  • Either you or your power of attorney will attend, as well as the sellers or their legal representatives
  • Your lawyer will prepare the „Escritura“ – the title deeds – and the notary will confirm that the property is free of debts or encumbrances
  • If you decided to buy with a mortgage or if a mortgage needs to be cancelled, the bank will also attend the notary
  • Final payments will be made to all relevant parties


When all parties signed the Escritura, you will be officially the new owner of the purchased property and receive the keys in front of the notary.