Newsletter September 2012

1st September 2012
Newsletter September 2012

The Newbuild sector is booming

The triumphal march of the newbuild over the classic, older style of construction is continuing resolutely. It seems a new era has dawned, and the image, which presents itself to us as a snapshot, is impressive. The trend towards a new style has been heralded for quite some time, and is not, therefore, truly new, but is now taking on new forms, which show that this style of architecture has substance and is ushering in an increasingly important development. The response to our advertising has been remarkable, very promising, in fact. Obviously, it indicates that, with this offer, we have found a gap in the market. The modern, high quality style of construction, the contemporary technology, the enticing design and appealing prices, which are clearly below those of the classic properties, make the newbuild irresistible. The early Levantine style appears to have lost some of its popularity, and a change in wishes and expectations undoubtedly has taken place, to a desire for bright, light rooms with high ceilings and floor deep window facades. Together with the progressive fittings and furnishings that the modern newbuild brings with it, it is, also, the fascinating materials and the impeccable workmanship to the finest detail which are well received by people. There are many reasons why, in contrast to the classical properties on offer, an almost exuberant enthusiasm for the newbuild prevails. Above all, the modern, to an extent, breath taking architecture – accordingly the new design – combined with an intelligent room distribution and a remarkably attractive price play the decisive role.

Affordable luxury

Highlights are the modern kitchen collections, fitted with every conceivable comfort. However, it is also the luxurious bathrooms and the bright expanse of the high ceilings in the entrance areas and sitting rooms, in conjunction with a gallery that alerts ones attention. The majority of designs have a central air conditioning system, under floor heating, a spa area with heated indoor pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, a bodega and even a cinema room at their disposal. Every client will receive a tailormade home in accordance with their wishes and expectations and can, here and now, realize their dream of an affordable, stylish residence with fascinating architecture, modern domestic technology and high quality fittings in one of the best residential areas in Jávea.

Competing styles

Older houses are, of course, in comparison, having a hard time of it. In order to compete, they have to be, in some cases, completely gutted and modernized. As repair costs on a large scale are difficult to calculate, clients fear the unpredictability and prefer to refrain from making a purchase. On occasion, a possible solution for old constructions, though only cost effective in certain locations, is to completely demolish and rebuild them. Many homeowners are asking themselves – faced with such circumstances how they can sell their properties, because, as is well known, it is not the price alone that decides the success or failure of a sale.

A useful development

Our impressions are that an attitude is beginning to prevail in which as long as second hand properties continue to be expensive, the modern newbuild will beckon. This has therefore led to serious, increased competition, which can be a beneficial development for all of us, because homeowners now have an index at their disposal, in which they are able to determine a given price judgement. It is, therefore, quite probable that our implored recommendations to reconsider price is now beginning to bear fruit, because the newbuild prices can act as a useful benchmark. There is no question that the newbuild market is profiteering from the still overpriced, older properties, but also a flawed condition, old fashioned fittings and, in many places, a still terrible infrastructure, will obviously hinder any potential sale. We remain of the opinion that the conventional property business will continue to be badly affected in the short to medium term, in view of the current fashion for modern design.

Two ideologies

We do believe, however, that this looming impression will not result in the complete elimination of the older property market, but that in the long term there will be two camps; the buyer who, for whatever reasons, does not wish to build and prefers a ready to move into villa, and the other who is won over by the modern design. We will bear these two ideologies in mind, while staying steadfastly on our path and, furthermore, remaining faithful to the classic properties, and consequently, promise our express and undiminished cooperation to the many homeowners who have, in total confidence, entrusted the sale of their properties to us. However, it must also be said, at this point, that the second hand market is currently experiencing a thoroughly bad period and the newbuild sector is taking off. Despite moderate prices, we must, for the time being, ask homeowners to have patience until the state of the market improves. It is foolish to fear that the classic property could have lost its appeal. A renaissance will come. However, we do remain of the opinion that the newbuild, modern design, that presently is experiencing a boom, will still hit the conventional property market hard, but assure those of you who have entrusted the sale of your properties to us that we will continue to work actively on your behalf in the future. That is a promise.

A considerable price opportunity

The “Pegasus” model, which we are presenting to you in this Newsletter, is an example of the newbuilds, which we are currently offering. The villa has a covered surface area of 380sqm and will be built on a plot of 1,005sqm with a 10 / 4m pool. It is fully airconditioned, has under floor heating, windows with security glass and many more interesting features. The accommodation consists of 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, sitting room with a 6m ceiling height, dining room and kitchen, as well as a 6/2m heated indoor pool, a cinema room and spa. It also comprises, among other things, a modern domestic technology system, closed circuit TV, automatically controlled throughout the building, in which diverse technical units are linked for the purpose of simple operation and surveillance. The fittings will be according to your own requirements, utilizing inside outside the top quality materials of PORCELANOSA. The plot has a slight slope and is very sunny in winter, and, in this location, you are certain to witness impressive sunsets in summer and winter. The panoramic view is totally unspoilt and we feel that the modest but elegant sea view will delight many. As some villas have been completed and sold during the course of the year and others can be found in various phases of construction, you may gain an informed impression of the quality of the building.