Newsletter December 2012

1st December 2012
Newsletter December 2012

Serious offers sought

As expected, the majority of homeowners have come to terms with the position of the property market and prepared themselves for an extended stagnation period. No one, at this point, appears to be in any particular haste to sell, and barely any seem to need to sell as a matter of urgency. Many, in fact, are reconsidering selling and even abstaining from it completely, preferring to keep the property, perhaps to rent it out and to later pass it on, rather than “throwing it away” now at a low price. Against such a background, one can also understand the problem as to why it is increasingly seldom that truly good properties come onto the market. It cannot be overlooked much longer that there are hardly any attractive second hand properties in good locations at sensible prices to be found. We know this first hand because it is our job to ensure that our property range is constantly updated and remains appealing. An arduous path seems to be emerging now, which is making it difficult for us and potential buyers to find anything of merit for an acceptable price. For potential buyers, this should serve as a hint that the matter does not end with the waiting for better times and lower prices, but rather that the passing of time may result in something more suitable being found. One thing is certain, should a potential buyer truly want a property and is ready to put a serious offer on the table he almost always gets it, because vendors are definitely open to compromises. We speak from experience because we witness it.

The right attitude counts

We are well known for proceeding continuously and with tenacity on our path, not with haste but without pausing for rest, as Goethe said. We endeavour to apply the right attitude to matters in hand and the courage to act resolutely. In one of our newsletters, we quoted an Indian insight, as follows: “Don’t doubt the blue of the sky, even if dark clouds hang over your roof”. We cannot force the desired improvement, though, because as Kurt Tepperwein explains to us – “flowers will not grow any quicker, even if you pull on them.” It is also good to know that there will be good times once again.2012 brought us luck

The year 2012 has been characterized by the intense evolvement of our newbuild business and corresponding activities. In contrast to our traditional area of business, which has experienced another fragile year, the newbuild field has had a refreshing, invigorating effect in the same time frame. We view this new commitment of the Hanseatische Gesellschaft as being in complete accordance with our principle of dedicating ourselves exclusively to superior, high quality properties on this segment of the coast. It is important to us that the identity of the Hanseatische Gesellschaft remains protected, and that we stay loyal to our claim of being a good partner to our clients and business acquaintances.

We are confident

We believe we are justified in looking at the long term future optimistically. Properties in southern Europe will definitely attain their appeal once again, and should the tarnished trust start to resurrect itself, things will begin to improve. The recovery of an ailing Europe will only progress very slowly. So, all things considered, we must still have patience, but to wait is not an option, because the awakening could take place suddenly and unexpectedly, as the market has a huge amount of catching up to do and properties in a time like this are attractive. However, it all depends, obviously, on the quality of the property and the location. We promised you in our September Newsletter that we will also continue to actively support and promote, in the future, the properties already entrusted to us, and to which we are still committed today. And it shall remain so.

The network is our strength

Readers of our Newsletter, of which there have been 73 editions since 2001, will know that for a number of years we have been working in conjunction with numerous agents who are active throughout virtually all markets on a Europe wide basis and, for us, represent an important connection to the “outside world”, and, as a result, we have a valuable international clientele at our disposal. Our strength is the mutual trust between us and our business acquaintances, evolved over many years, from which our homeowners benefit. That this network may currently not be so effective, lies in the fact that business problems prevail throughout Europe that have temporarily annulled the versatility of the system. You may rest assured that we are in training and well prepared for the next upturn, and in this context it cannot go unmentioned that our business partners can, obviously, depend on us as purveyors of first class properties. At this point, we expressly thank our business partners for the trust shown to us and the resulting well-functioning communication.

An enticing offer

Only when the property convinces and inspires in all totality and captivates the potential buyer, does any possibility of doing business exist, and if there is no alternative that, of course, helps. There are also examples of such alliances now in the crisis, but they are few and far between. It does not always cause great emotion to the potential buyer that it would make it easier for the provider in reaching a conclusion. We believe that a number of properties will never find a buyer, because there are only a few agents who can take the time to find out if they are capable of convincing any potential buyers. It is also because of, not least, the offers available on the internet, from which clients arrange to view, in much too short a time, far too many properties and often even through different agents. No one seems to take the time to deal with potential buyers in a preparatory manner, with the result that the majority of agents do not always fully know personally the properties that they are offering to their clients, because the range is large, and the client chooses the properties himself from documentation on the internet. To try to find the appropriate property for a client, whose wishes and desires one does not truly know, is a dangerous game and bad for the client, the reputation of a few agents and the entire trade. Once again a year has gone by in a flash. We hope you, in retrospect like us, have experienced a good year and are also looking optimistically to the future. The knowledge that we are all in the same boat helps us to tackle the tasks that lie ahead of us together and with courage and confidence. In this sense we wish you a very merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.