Newsletter April 2012

1st April 2012
Newsletter April 2012

An improvement in sight

The crisis, which meanwhile continues incessantly, has demonstrated that, with a range of top quality properties, like that of the Hanseatische Gesellschaft, and a style of marketing that remains unparalleled on the coast, we may not be able to avoid the negative trend completely, but we can luckily, in comparison with previous years, still strengthen the business. To thank for this development we have, above all, alongside a certain general improvement of market position, our strategy of proceeding undeterred on our way since the start of the crisis, and consequently handling our resources economically, in order to survive this long, strength sapping path. As a former marathon runner, the writer knows that the race is not won in the first few kilometres, but only at the end of the 42,195 km long route.

Every client gets a unique example

As our readers will already know from previous issues of our Newsletter, the aforementioned newbuild project has evolved satisfactorily thanks to the great interest of a wide public. Essentially, four factors can explain the reasoning behind this. To begin with, we are offering newbuilds of a type previously unseen in Jávea and have obviously come across a gap in the market. In addition, there is the appealing, modern architecture and the fascinating, creative diversity of the designs on offer, combined with the guarantee that no house will be replicated a second time, so that the client is secure in the knowledge that he is acquiring a unique example. Thirdly, the highly attractive price, together with a build quality that is receiving widespread recognition, and lastly, the diversity of plots, set in an exemplary infrastructure, that we have to offer, leaving virtually no desire unfulfilled.

New ideas are showing the way

Likewise, this is a new trend to which we are applying ourselves, the newbuild in a modern style on prime plots in privileged locations outside our urbanization in which older houses, in an unsalable condition, have been built. Should there be anyone not entirely happy with our plot locations, but who desires the architectural style presented there, we can offer a small choice of plots in alternative superior locations, for individual construction, in Jávea, as well as Moraira and Dénia, for sale on an exclusive basis. The client receives an individually completed floorplan, which is specifically produced for the plot in question, together with a photorealistic 3D image of the villa, with views from the four points of the compass, and, obviously, a fully inclusive price with no extra charges to it. A unique all inclusive design package.

It’s impossible without a sea view.

The tried and trusted business of the Hanseatische Gesellschaft, with premium class properties, is also experiencing renewed impetus. Although Eastern Europeans are again expressing frequent interest, there is still no real, discernible trend to speak of. Often such potential buyers come alone at first, without their partners, to find out about the region and return together if something of interest to them is found. Despite the obvious inquisitiveness, a certain degree of indecisiveness can also often be observed, even with very tempting offers. We do, however, treat these at first, seemingly pensive potential buyers with great care, because we know that some clients, from time to time, following the overcoming of an initial uncertainty, cannot get a certain property out of their minds, resulting in a repeat visit, so it pays to create an atmosphere of trust.

There is much to be done.

Obviously, we do not see the end of the crisis anytime soon. However, times of crisis and the associated problems can also, as documented, present opportunities. In the interests of our clients, we are, therefore, observing developments extremely vigilantly. We are following new directions, which can offer benefits to clients and should help them in making sensible decisions in keeping with the times, and as far as we are concerned time is valuable and there is no time to lose. We are not simply waiting for better times and have abandoned some old plans, in the process unburdening ourselves and moving onto new activities, and that is not without risk. We endeavour to apply the right attitude to the current, still not really predictable business position and are investing almost continuously in our advancement. We have a good working atmosphere and a healthy mutual trust among our collaborating partners, so that we are, as has been the case for many years, well prepared for the future. We use our resources sparingly, but neither do we shy away from investments, and we help partners and business acquaintances where we can. Our business practices are transparent to whoever it may concern, and fairness is our uppermost command. We want to become even more forward looking, to revise our website and maintain our prices up to date, while continuing to negotiate with homeowners anew.

On the International stage

What we do not want is to call our, in many areas, high quality standards into question. We wish to do justice to the requirements and opinions of our clients as much as possible without cutbacks. We believe in partnership collaboration with other agents of similar standards, in order to complement each other in a reciprocal manner, to nurture and to be, in the long run, of greater use to our clientele. In addition, the partnership should serve to support one another, to consolidate all available energy and expertise and, by means of the principle of division of labour, make the work all together more rational, in accordance with the motto: “With a friend by your side, no route is too long”. At this point, it should also be said that the property business has, in the meantime, become much more complex, with the result that professional support in many areas is essential. It is not the languages with which we are concerned on such an international stage that are much of a problem, but more so the somewhat different mentalities and associated ways of thinking. That is why we appreciate it if clients from Eastern European countries are accompanied by agents, who speak their “language”.

You’re in for a surprise.

It will be interesting for potential buyers in the future that, on viewing our urbanization, they will discover building sites that are earmarked for construction. These 2 by 3m sized diagrams show by means of a large format 3D animation feature how the planned house will look on its respective plot, how big it will be and what it will cost completed inclusive of plot, landscaping of garden and a pool. We advise investors who are looking for something “special” to come to us and have a thorough look around. Should you be interested in acquiring a top quality, modern house with all contemporary comforts and fully fitted with every conceivable extra, at a crisis price, you most probably could be very pleasantly surprised, because our architect is displaying unprecedented creativity and is excelling with convincingly brilliant designs which cannot fail to inspire you. Perhaps you could use the fourth coming holidays for a flying visit to Jávea. The Hanseatische Gesellschaft team is on board. Should you wish to notify us of your visit in due course, you may count on competent advice. We wish you a very Happy Easter!