Newsletter December 2020

15th December 2020
Newsletter December 2020

It's that time again - a year is coming to an end. And this year was tough for all of us. But there were many things to celebrate as well: HG Hamburg reached its 50th anniversary and would like to thank everyone who has contributed to this. To Walter Arp it is important to personally mention some of them:

Paul Peiniger: The businessman from Hamburg was a partner of mine from 1970 to 1990. Together we built the company. Without him, the Hanseatische Gesellschaft would not exist today.

Herby Schröder and his team created HG Hamburg's first large offset catalog in an unforgettable action in the early 1970s, which went down in the company's history. We became friends through it and still are today.

Dr. Burckhardt Löber: Specialist lawyer for Spanish real estate law, became aware of HG-Hamburg in the early 1970s. In cooperation we created a guidebook with the title “Buying a house in Spain”, which was very much appreciated by prospective buyers at the time because it contained a lot of important information.

Article in the Costa Blanca's largest real estate magazine Class&Villas for our anniversary


Ute Grunwald, secretary. Her reliability and commitment in 21 years at HG-Hamburg have made a significant contribution to the company's success.

Oliver Koch initiated the digital turning point at HG-Hamburg and supported it creatively. He was with the company for 20 years.

Jutta Weise came to us after Paul Peiniger left. She supervised the upheaval of the company and organized the move from Rathausmarkt in Hamburg, where we were based for 20 years, to Sierichstrasse, where we are still today. In addition to the office management, she has accompanied numerous of our trade fairs. We are best friends to this day.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Köster, our tax advisor, has become a very valuable advisor and friend. For me he is the patron of HG-Hamburg.

Claus-Peter Haller, editor-in-chief of BELLEVUE, Europe's largest real estate magazine, in which we have been placing our well-known large-format advertisements for more than 30 years. We have been friends for a long time.


Certificate from the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce for our anniversary


Jose María Hortelano is our talented photographer. Many of his recordings deserve sincere recognition. He has also been with the company for 20 years.

Claudio Pellegrino has been our technical draftsman for over 20 years, who is extremely conscientious in drawing up the current floor plans of the houses that we offer for sale. His professional work is highly regarded and is an important part of our real estate offers.

Udo Kuhbandner: The best and most loyal customer that HG-Hamburg has. A lot of good advice comes from him, both privately and professionally. A true friend.

My brother Werner Arp: He was present at many of the company's trade fairs and on site in Jávea he tirelessly helped me with photo work. He firmly believed in the success of HG-Hamburg. We were lifelong friends.

Last but not least, my wife Renate Arp: Solid as a rock. She resolutely lent a hand and supported me wherever necessary. She is known for her poetic writing and is still editor-in-chief to this day. We have been married for 61 years, have 2 sons, 3 granddaughters, 2 grandsons and a great-granddaughter named Paula.

Walter Arp 

Dream villa with panoramic sea views in Dénia

Many thanks also go to many other friends who have accompanied us on our way so far and are still with us today. Together we can achieve more - we have experienced that again and again. This year in particular, solidarity, resilience and a positive attitude were more important than ever.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Somehow!

Stay healthy!